Contract Negotiations: Signal Solutions will negotiate IT/Telecom contracts on behalf of our customers. Signal Solutions has extensive knowledge of the marketplace and industry price points for IT/Telecom services. We will use our experience to put our customers into contracts that meet their price points and ensure they are not overpaying for services. We will also renegotiate current carrier services contracts for our customers and help drive down the cost of their existing services.
Carrier Recommendations: Signal Solutions has relationships with multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers. We will meet with your IT Team for a data gather session and we will extensively review your current inventory and overall cost for telecom services. We will review your current infrastructure and future growth plan for your business. Signal Solutions will act as your consultant and create a cost-effective solutions based on your business needs.
Cost Analysis: Signal Solutions offers expertise in areas of contract compliance and cost recovery, contract review and negotiation, and billing optimization. We have a vast understanding of the carriers’ contracts, tariffs and pricing guides. Signal Solutions can conduct an inventory of current service and identify service needs. We are able to perform analysis on current agreements and identify leverage price points to help drive down the costs of service providers. Signal Solutions back office will continue to work with our customers throughout the life of the contract to verify billed rates against contract tariffs, identify and document billing errors and overcharges. We will negotiate and recover overcharges to put the money back into your pocket.
Disaster Recovery Consulting: Signal Solutions knows how important it is for your business to be up and running at all times. Unforeseen circumstances such as natural or man-made disasters can wreak havocs on businesses. Service outages can cause a company to lose thousands of dollars each hour and its clients along with it. Signal Solutions has strategic partnerships with several Data Center providers to help minimize your risk of downtime. We will help you properly plan and implement a disaster recovery plan so that you will be able to access and recover data that is critical to your company’s operations at all times. It is our focus to guide your organization through the process of making the best design and implementation decisions based on common business criteria as well as your unique needs.
LAN Assessment: Signal Solutions will review your LAN business goals, objectives and requirements. Service provides a review of your overall LAN architecture. Focuses on redundancy and reliability, the operational status of mobile services and security controls. This service identifies shortcomings in the LAN infrastructure and sets a priority list of action items to strengthen the overall performance, reliability and security. Signal Solutions completes an in-depth analysis of your LAN infrastructure to improve your overall operations and network design.
Strategic Planning: Signal Solutions will work with your IT team to create a strategy to develop and deliver your corporate IT and Telecommunications goals. We will outline objectives of your organization that are specific and measurable. Creating a clearly defined set of IT and telecommunications challenges is vital to the successful deployment of services. Signal Solutions will identify risks within rolling out telecommunications solutions and create contingency plans and other risk mitigation mechanisms. Information will be evaluated to determine the benefits and risks of working with our IT and Telecommunications partners to find which is best suited to work with our customers.