The Telecommunications industry makes billions of dollars each year by charging its customers for lines and circuits that are out of service or that the customer is unaware that they have in their inventory. They rake in money by charging above the contracted rates for services. The Telecommunications industry puts mobility customers in plans that maximize their profits rather then put their client in a cheaper plan that best suits the end users’ needs.

Signal Solutions can help reduce costs by:

Telecom Invoice Auditing: Reviewing monthly invoices for errors and incorrect rates. It’s hard to find errors if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Increase visibility and savings by correctly identifying and requesting credits for errors.

Cost Allocation: Slice and dice your invoice by department, employee, and location. The responsible party can easily be billed for their telecom assets with cost allocation. You can allocate the total invoice cost down to 1%.

Inventory Management: What is in your telecom environment? Signal Solutions team of TEM experts manage your inventory for better resource control.

Optimization: Review existing services for lines that are not being used or going mostly unused. This means careful monitoring of invoices and then contacting carriers, which can be very time consuming and overwhelming.